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Weddings are a symbol of love and affection. In different parts of the globe, this occasion is usually celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. But there are several regions which celebrate this occasion in quite weird ways.

It is not a surprise to presume that many of us do not know how strange weddings can be. We usually associate our wedding trends with joyous activities and customs. However, it is not all the same for everyone out there.

There are some really strange wedding cultures in some parts of the world which can surprise you to a great deal. So what are these customs? Let’s have a look at some of these weird wedding practices.

House arresting the couple

In Indonesia, a pretty strange wedding custom is followed in which a married couple is house arrested for good three days. Not only that, they are not even allowed to use their toilets.

The married couple is watched by the relatives and is only provided with a little amount of food through the three day house arrest.

Well, it’s certainly not a pleasant experience to imagine. The Indonesian communities follow it as of their belief to produce healthy off springs.

Beating groom’s feet

This tradition is practiced in Korean weddings and though it sounds odd, but it is their wedding tradition. The Koreans beat the groom’s feet with a cane to live up their own strange wedding cultures.

It is believed by them that the beating serves good for the groom to make a nicer impression on his bride for the first time. This beating is achieved a day before wedding night.

Practice of crying before the marriage

Not too emotional to sound, this practice culture of crying is practiced among Tujia people of China. The brides-to-be began to practice crying a whole month before their wedding.

This weird practice session lasts for an hour every day. As the time is dropped lower by ten days, the mother of the bride also involves in the practice.

It doesn’t stop there and by another ten days, the grandmother also joins the crying practice. Eventually, as the time of the wedding finally comes, almost every female of the family cries along the bride.

It is, however, a lot more strange to know that this whole practice is done as a symbol of joy since the Tujia females cry differently.

Smashing the dishes

This one is not so strange to know about. We do know some of the rituals that talk about significance of breaking dishes or glass for various superstitious beliefs. However, this one is a lot different and is fairly related to German weddings.

A strange wedding ritual known as Polterabend is practiced in many regions of Germany. Following it, the newlywed couple breaks and smashes the dishes gifted by the guests to make sharp sounds.

They believe that these harsh breaking sounds will scare away the evil souls and spirits. They break these dishes to make a happy and safe beginning of their married life.