Posted on: September 18, 2021 Posted by: Phillip Vargas Comments: 0

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of N-95, surgical, and fabric face masks increase to very high levels. Wearing a face mask and covering your face and nose in public places is an additional safety measurement to curb the transmittance of COVID-19.

Many types of face masks with high or low efficiency are introduced to stop the transmittance of coronavirus. They include surgical face masks, N-95, respirators, fabric masks, and other safety equipment like protective face shields.

However, increased demand for face masks introduces a huge face mask wholesaler variety and brands in the market. Following, we have listed the top 3 popular and effective face mask manufacturers in the USA.

PZero Innovations:

PZero innovation is an emerging Face mask wholesaler manufacturing brand in the USA. They handle the production of 100 million surgical face masks per month in their Los Angles manufacturing facility. They also manufacture other medical PPE products.

PZero innovations ensure the high quality and high efficiency of their products. They acquire raw mask manufacturing material from USA-based wholesalers. The company production tested masks on flame test, stringent quality management system, and FDA to ensure high-quality product manufacturing according to the ASTM 1862.

Hickory Springs:

Hickory Spring is originally an ISO-certified manufacturer that has 22 manufacturing facilities in the USA. Primarily it is a foam and foam extraction manufacturer. But they extended their services to the manufacturing of mattresses, face masks, isolation gowns, procedure masks, and PPE devices and products.

Hickory Spring Company face masks at affordable wholesale rates. It offers 100 masks per box at a very affordable wholesale price. They manufacture nonsterile layered face masks with adjustable elastic ear loops.

Safety Pure:

Safety Pure is a US-based company that is a trusted face mask supplier at The company offer contract production of disposable face masks and custom masks. It provides private labeling masks manufacturing.

They also manufacture PPE products in the USA, including face shields, disposable isolation gowns, antibacterial hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, disposable shoe covers, EPA standard disinfectants, and many other healthcare products.

The use of face masks has become an essential need of daily life around the globe. As the vaccination rates increase in the USA, people are experiencing delta variant cases of COVID-19. This new wave of coronavirus also increases the demand for face masks.

Increased demand for face masks led to the many face mask wholesaler manufacturing brands that flooded the market. Here is a list of the top 3 mask manufacturers that manufacture high-quality antibacterial and antimicrobial masks that have high efficiency against COVID-19 transmittance.