Startup Here Toronto: Connecting Toronto’s startup and innovation community

The search for a collaborative economic development initiative is over with the advent of StartupHereToronto. The primary objective behind this notion is to support young and growing startups and innovative communities in Toronto and further connect entrepreneurs to a variety of programs, resources and events. This provides them with a boost to initiate and expand the scale of businesses in Toronto. The initiatives that are provided include differed sectors namely food, fashion, music and manufacturing.

Stories about local success and dominant startups are shared with the world through the initiative and offer Toronto’s innovation community a moment to celebrate for. Canada is acknowledged as a prominent region for numerous niche startups as an already existing platform provides a large scope for such fresh business ideas and individuals willing to Startup Here Toronto.

The Core reason for building a startup in Toronto

With reference to what’s stated earlier, Toronto is a city where the atmosphere incorporates several business-minded entrepreneurs who avail and create opportunities in return; this is quite beneficial for startups as all they’re required to do is recognize an opportunity and grasp it at the right time.  Business owners who’re looking forward to setting up a business in the city can take full advantage as business is the soul of the booming metropolis city.

Startup Here Toronto special events and training

Startup Here Toronto offers their customers a large number of events and varied training programmers in the form of Boot camps, Competitions, Conferences, Demo, Hackathon and meetups; their upcoming events incorporate the following:

  • Community Hub Tour
  • Industry Night
  • UX Fundamental Boot camp- Fall 2019
  • Book a Launchpad Tour
  • LinkedIn Workshop (in Mandarin)
  • Tranquil Thursday Meditation

Assistance and Startup Support

Getting in touch with mentors, successful entrepreneurs and various funding sources provides a great start for business men who are new to the concept of owning a startup and are not familiar with the effective ways of handling one. Startup Here Toronto puts forward their support in the following manner:

  • Accelerators aid companies to scale-up quickly and efficiently over a specific time.
  • Competitions are for business owners that require competition or challenges.
  • Co working spaces are meant for startups that require a shared office environment.
  • Funding entails programs which make capital accessible to businesses.
  • Pre-incubation meanwhile is for innovative ideas.



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