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We are an IT support company in London having 10 years of experience in providing all sort of repairing services to the customers. With a team of highly skilled and certified specialists, engineers and experts we provide you with the best quality work at your doorsteps. Our experts guide you with the best knowledge they have about all kinds of IT problems. Visit website for more details and repair rates. We also provide you with best repair rate packages which are completely affordable and easy for your pocket.

What we Offer?

We offer you with both hardware as well as software repairs for your computers and laptops. Moreover, no matter how complex the problem is our experts are capable to fix it for you in no time.

  1. Software Repairs:

  2. All type of virus removal and optimization service is what we provide you. As viruses are very dangerous for a computer that it cannot only infect one computer but also affects other laptops through peripheral devices. It can expose all your personal information and can also exploit the security of your computer within your operating system. All these malware, spywares are what damages your computer’s software and puts the computer in a nonworking condition. London IT Support facilitates you with antivirus software installation in your computers and run a complete antivirus scan which ensures that antivirus software is up to date to fight against newly created viruses. Not only removing the viruses from your computer but within hours our experts can fix it for you.
  3. We also fix all type of internet connectivity, printer and scanners connections which might not be working as they used to do for you. Our IT support knows how to put them back on the same track.
  4. Moreover our experts can fix your entire computer software using their knowledge and reliable methods.
  5. Hardware Repair:

We not only repair the software or IT related stuff but also malfunctioning hardware of a computer. Our engineers are capable of fixing hardware of any brand. We first examine your computer and see whether to fix it or replace it with the new one. The most common hardware fixes that we do are screen fix, water damage, keyboard or mouse repair, hard drive or power jack fix or replacement etc.


Visit website for more details and leave us any quire that you have regarding the repairs in our FAQs section.


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