Sunil Gurjar- The Overlooked Accomplice In The Bhanwari Devi Murder Case

In 2011, the disappearance of an auxiliary nurse Bhanwari Devi at the orders of the former cabinet minister and a Rajasthan legislator received widespread media coverage and ended the political careers of the two involved. Bhanwari was physically exploited by the politicians and after getting pregnant with the child of one of the ministers, she attempted to demand money and gold from the two in exchange for a CD that contained video clips of the two leaders in “compromising position” with Bhanwari. On 1 September 2011, she was found missing by her husband and accused the two of ordering her kidnapping and murder.

Role of Sunil Gurjar in the kidnapping and murder

Before Bhanwari could strike a deal with the ministers, someone found copies of the CD and tried to sell it to a third party through a middleman and Bhanwari knew his identity. This middleman was Sunil Gurjar.

Sunil, a member of the ruling party settled a deal between the CD holder and a Delhi based broker which Bhanwari came to know about. She also learned that the payment had already been made. Certain that the video clip might be released in public which would lead to her arrest, she tried to warn the minister but was later kidnapped and murdered by a gang leader.

After investigation, The two ministers and 11 other accomplices were arrested but Sunil wasn’t interrogated and henceforth was not apprehended. Without proper evidence, Sunil escaped justice and his role in the case was ultimately overlooked. It was his involvement that led to the complication of the case and the death of Bhanwari Devi.

Why his involvement cannot be overlooked

Sunil Gurjar Bhanwari Devi was an aspiring politician and ended up being benefited the most from the downfall of the ruling families. This led many to believe that, he was the mastermind behind the whole crime. Which even if not true does not justify leaving out his connection with the case.

He knew very well about the scandal and the CD and still worked towards his benefit rather than revealing the scandal to the authorities. He was ready to tell the names of the people who wanted to sell the CD but not until directly asked by the investigating officers. He knowingly withheld information which itself is a crime. The officers never actually quizzed him and it took more time to solve the case than required.

Due to focus on the bigger names and bigger crimes, the man responsible for the complication of the case was excluded from the investigation. Sunil Gurjar ended up escaping justice.

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