The Serene Venture with Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties

Finding the perfect property can be difficult but once you do, its an investment of a lifetime that you will not regret.

What is freehold property?

Many countries have two options of land or property-owning- leasehold and freehold. Freehold land on which property rests means that the owner and other beneficiaries own the property and the land on which it stands for perpetuity. Literally speaking, that means that they own it till the Earth exists. So, within law and regulations, you can do with the property as you please. You also don’t need to worry about the lease running out because it never will. Apartment owners usually buy a share of the freehold which means that they become members of the organization that owns the original.

Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties sit on the prime estate which is a great opportunity for any buyers that were looking for freehold locations with a serene lifestyle situated near Bukit Timah.

Why should you choose Juniper?

It is a freehold property which is also situated close to many important locations in the country. Primarily, there is a high potential for developments in the area due to its proximity to the future MRT Station Interchange. Additionally, it is just a five-minute walk from the Stevens MRT Station.

The property complex is not only in an ideal location, but it also has all the bearings of a quintessential ideal apartment complex. Often while looking for an apartment with a family, a buyer will look for recreation options for everyone in the family including their own self. Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties have got you covered. The apartment complex includes a clubhouse, tennis court, a gym, swimming pools, barbeque pits, and even a children’s playground. There is also a sun deck to enjoy that perfect and serene weather.

A prime location

As mentioned above, Juniper Hills is located near the Steven MRT Station and near the future location of an Interchange. It is also well situated near some of the best schools in the area. Many residents and tourists may choose also to visit the Balmoral Plaza. It is also located near the Juniper Hill Allgreen Properties and has the perfect combination of spas, musical schools, and a Pet Lovers Centre.

Another location that you can’t resist is the Newton Food Centre nearby. One of the restaurants also got a spot on a Michelin guide list.

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