How To Select the Best Quilting Sewing Machine?

Are you planning to take up quilting as a new hobby or wanting to take your sewing skill to a new level?  Please spend a few minutes in reading the article below. Can an ordinary sewing machine be used for quilting? Yes, to an extent. But the best quilting sewing machine stands apart from other sewing machines because of the following features:

  • They have wider and deeper tables to sew good quilt.
  • They come with a wide variety of customization options.
  • They are easier to thread and thus allows to change stitches in the middle.
  • They provide with a sufficiently strong thread tension while doing the job without damaging your needles or your motor.

Advantages of a Best Quilting Sewing Machine

  • As compared to handmade quilts, the best quilting machine helps to create customisable quilts in short time, the stitching is consistent and the free arm provided with many machines helps you to create new patterns .
  • The best quilting sewing machine allows you to adjust the width of stitching and spacing between stitches
  • The loading of thread onto the bobbin becomes easier with top loading bobbin.
  • Some machines do allow to lock the needle at any position. The fully automated needle makes threading much easier and speeds up sewing them.
  • It is easy to maintain and saves time.

Choosing a Quilting Sewing Machine

While choosing the best Quilting Sewing Machine, check out the following features in a sewing machine:

  • Look out for a sewing machine having automatic needle threader. This saves you the discomfort of straining your eyes while trying to thread the needle.
  • Watch out for a sewing machine with auto thread trimmer. With the automatic thread trimming feature you can achieve faster machine quilting speeds.
  • An extension table attached to the sewing machine can greatly help during the quilting activity.
  • Check whether the dimensions of the machine can fit within the available area of your workspace. Look out for a portable sewing machine.
  • Check for the period for which warranty is provided. A longer warranty period is preferred any day. Better quality product is indirectly tied with longer warranty duration.

Quilting is now no longer a handiwork of a few experts. With the best quilting sewing machine on your side, you too can activate your creative skills and create amazing quilts. You can consult reviews of quilting sewing machine and finalise on the best one.

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