What is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid is the most active part of hummus; it is soluble in the acidic, neutral and alkaline medium, unlike the humic acid that is not soluble in acid pH. This causes, for example, that calcium is precipitated in presence of humic acid, while remaining in the, in the presence of fulvic acid. In areas with high the concentration of calcium carbonates, fulvic acid prevents phosphorus and other elements from precipitating, which is beneficial for plants because they receive more nutrients and It also prevents the nozzles of the systems from clogging of irrigation. In a soil that is poor in organic matter, the application of fulvic acids can multiply the microbial flora two thousand times in just two weeks, which gives it extra fertility, with the application of three or four kilos per hectare. Today we will talk about what is fulvic acid?

What is fulvic acid?

The use of fulvic acids mixed with foliar fertilizers increases more and more, root systems and in the different irrigation systems, where with the addition of fulvic acids get amazing results, is an indispensable product in any practice agricultural, this due to the overwhelming benefits that are obtained with its application. With the application of fulvic acids have been obtained increases in production the quality of crops, as in potatoes, where it improves the distribution of starches and size of it is more uniform; in wheat increases the protein content; at tomato, chilli and other vegetables increase the percentage of export fruit. It increases the resistance to disease attack, the plants support better any type of stress (drought, frost, flood, product overdose, for example). The

Crop recovery is more effective with repeated applications of fulvic acids. Fulvic acid is a product that stimulates the growth of plants, increasing their vigor stimulates absorption and promotes penetration and active transport of nutrients to fundamental membrane level of foliar and root cells, which acts as a promoter of plant growth and a chelating agent.

All about what is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid (derivative of humic acid) has been used clinically in different situations, among which are:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. It helps blood clotting.
  3. Ulcers on the skin
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Hemorrhoids
  6. Esophageal cancer
  7. Hyperthyroid
  8. Hypothyroidism
  9. Diabetes

Fulvic acid is a complex mixture of minerals that is produced from decomposing natural sources which, when they contain bioavailable elements soluble in water, will simultaneously contain humic acids. These compounds are highly assimilable by the organism. They play a very important role known as chelation, which allows “bar” with undesirable elements in the body. The ionic minerals react with the fulvic acid, carrying out the process of photosynthesis, changing the ions from an inorganic state to an organic one, which will also change their chemical properties.

Personally we have recommended the fulvic and humic acids to people with inflammatory problems such as the case of patients with arthritis which helps in different ways, on the one hand, it helps to reduce inflammation and on the other helps to regulate the immune system; We know that in the case of arthritis and lupus, diabetes mellitus, among many others, are autoimmune diseases, so fulvic and humic acids are very helpful.

It helps the blood to coagulate, having many clinical cases of internal wounds in which very good results have been seen. In disorders of the thyroid gland have seen results in both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism; again comment is not chemical elements but a natural food that will help regulate the immune system, understanding the problems of the thyroid as autoimmunity problems. We hope till now you may have an idea of what is fulvic acid?

In all types of cancer especially esophageal cancer helps not kill or fight cancer itself but in strengthening the immune system forming a stronger macrophage, in addition to helping to prevent angiogenesis which is what promotes cancer to expand to other organs or tissues. In diabetes, it helps to improve the cellular receptors of insulin so it is expected to improve the assimilation of insulin and therefore lower glucose levels. I have given it to many people with very strong problems of infection and with high glucose levels with results in 3 days or less. Fulvic acid is a natural substance that is produced in the soil by the decomposition of organic matter, which is absorbed by plants and transmitted to people through them.


Fulvic acid is a natural chelating agent.

A chelator, or sequestrant, or heavy metal antagonist is a substance that forms complexes with heavy metal ions. These complexes are known as chelates, a word that comes from the Greek word chele, meaning “claw.”

Of Fluvial Origin

In this article, we want to talk about what is fulvic acid that we have managed to extract from the Caron√≠ River in any of its stretches, including the Yuruani River. As I indicated from the beginning, the Yuruani has a characteristic colour: a dark colour that looks like the colour of Coca-Cola (it’s not advertising). In the fall of water that we have put like the main image of our article, it is observed clearly that tone of colour that has the water. Remember at this time two things: First, the definition of fulvic acid; second, the source from which this river is born. In the first place, the referred acid originates as a product of the decomposition of organic matter. If this river is born in a Tepuy, the oldest site on the planet, how can there still be organic matter still decomposing giving this dark colour to this river?


Recently, it can be found in the online literature about the benefits of this fulvic acid for humans. It is a natural antioxidant. It is a chelator, that is, it serves to extract the presence of heavy metals in the body. This last detail means that many autistic children can improve with the application of this acid as a chelator. And there are so many beneficial properties for the improvement of the quality of life of the human being. But, the important detail is that the fulvic acid really is genuine and authentic. Because, they are taking products out of any dark powder and selling it as this acid therefore, after this break, we will resume our research work to produce the best fulvic acid in the world for humanity. Hopefully, you know now that what is fulvic acid?

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