Top 3 Snow Blowers Of All Time

There are a lot of snow joe cordless blowers available in the market, and on online as well. Each of them is perfect for a different kind of job. So, before you purchase a snow blower, you should know its features and should know all about it.

So, before you decide that, which snow blower you want to purchase here are few of the best snow blowers which are available in the market, have a look;

  1. Honda HSS724AW Snow Blower:

It is known to be one of the best snow blowers in town; it is perfect for people who have huge driveways or huge places to clean the snow.

Its engine is of 196cc and it is really powerful, as compared to other snow blowers. It is an electric start snow blower, one does not have to go through the problem to pull start the engine.

Its speed is adjustable; you can adjust it according to your need. If there is more snow and you have less time then you can high the speed of the engine and can do your job faster.

The other best thing about this snow blower is that it is a single hand control; one can control it easily with their single hand, and it has a freewheel steering as well.

  1. Toro Snow Master 724 QXE Snow Blower:

People have written some really great reviews about this snow blower. They have given them 4 stars out of 5.

It has an engine of 212cc, which a really powerful one and it can easily remove a huge pile of snow. It comes with a warranty of 3 years, and it also has an engine start and it come with multiple speeds as well.

It also has single hand controls, nut the only thing which Is a draw back for this snow blower is that it does not has a freewheel steering, which a lot of other snow blower does.

According to its reviews, by their customers, choosing this snow blower was one of their best decisions. They are fully satisfied with their performance and they think it is totally worth it. It costs around $750.

  1. Ariens Platinum 24 Snow Blower:

It is a heavy duty snow blower, as its engine is of 369cc, which is more than enough to remove the snow from your driveway and your walkway.

It works on today’s fuels and that is the reason it will not give you any starting issues.

It can handle to clean the snow in kind of surface, whether it is slope or any other, it can easily clean it.

So, these are the top 3 snow blowers which are available in the market. If you have to buy one, then you should totally go for any one of these.

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